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Bioflow Bracelets for Men and Women...

There are more than 1.5 million users currently using Bioflow bracelets. Bioflow is increasingly being recommended as an effective alternative health product by many health specialists. Bioflow is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device.

The company behind them, a UK based company, who through much research and development have produced a range of popular magnetic therapy products particularly the Bioflow bracelet range and dog collars.

The range are bracelets & wristbands are suitable for all ages and lifestyles. They are high in quality & in effectiveness with it's CRP patented magnet. The bracelets are available in different styles and sizes for men and women.

"As magnetic bracelets are quite cheap and safe, people might want to consider wearing them as part of their self-help regime."

Bioflow bracelets come with a 90 day money back guarantee*, try one today!

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>>Bioflow Explorer

>>Bioflow Duo

>>Bioflow Executive

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Bioflow Dog Collars 

Bioflow collars are recommended by vets, we recommend them too, after using them on our own pets.

'Bioflow dog collar has been a great buy for my dog, friends say he seems like a puppy at 12 years old!' A.B.

Bioflow Dog Collars

Bioflow Dog Collars

Bioflow Horses

bioflow dog collar

Yellow Bioflow Dog Collar

bioflow horses

>>Bioflow dog collar

>>Bioflow dog collar

>>Bioflow Horse


Ecoflow Home and Car Products

Magnetic water conditioners are an excellent seller which helps reduce limescale, may reduce water bills and save appliances for longer. All products are simple to fit and require no power. Thermoflow operates a process called Ionisation by Magnetic Induction (IMI) which conditions fuel prior to its combustion.

Ecoflow Magnetic Water

Ecoflow Magnetic Fuel Conditioner

Ecoflow Magnetic Car Conditioner

magnetic water conditioner



Was 65.00   Now Only 50.00

Was 55.00   Now Only 45.00

Was 55.00   Now Only 45.00





Magnetic therapy for over 6000 years has been used by people around the world as a natural therapy, despite there being no scientific evidence of the effects of magnets on the body, people have been using them reporting much success. It has been mentioned in the earliest of writings. Lodestone, is a naturally occurring rock used for many years by different cultures for all sorts of reasons. It was even thought that Cleopatra used a magnetic substance on her head!! We ourselves use and believe in these products and highly recommend them. With much success reported by users and ourselves, we think Bioflow are the UK leaders in magnotherapy.

How does Bioflow magnotherapy work?

Bioflow is different to other magnetic products. Bioflow has a patented 'Central Reverse polarity' magnetic module which has proven to provide strong magnotherapy. Bioflow products come with a 90 day money back guarantee so its worth a try. Bioflow believe they have created a strong magnet which many people continue to buy.

Bioflow is increasingly being recommended as an effective alternative health product by many health specialists. Bioflow is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device.

A small one off cost could change your life.

A 90 day money back guarantee is available if not completely satisfied with its performance

** subject to a 15% handling charge, does not apply to nutritional products unless unused.

*Shipping is FREE for all UK orders, We have the right to refuse shipping to any worldwide location.

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This website is produced and maintained by Magnetic, Authorised Independent Distributor of Ecoflow plc.

Bioflow magnets are NOT a cure. There is no substitute for sound medical advice and we recommend that if you are, or have been receiving any treatment for a particular condition or if you have any doubts about using Bioflow you should consult your own doctor first.


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